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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sports Photography

One of our assignments for Photojournalism is Sports photography. Nichole and I went Thursday night and shot the Collins Hill varsity game at night. It was very different. We were on the sidelines with professional photographers. I really did not get much of anything I liked, so today I went to shoot rec league with little kids. They would not let me on the sideline there said something about some league rules. So it was harder to get anything good. My mom being the amazing lady that she is took me to Showcase to get a new lens! I ended up leaving with a Tamron 200-500mm, 10-24mm, 2 UV filters, and a 2 light lighting kit. As my mom said Merry Christmas, and don't ask for anything else. I then went back to the rec league and had a a little more luck!

So if anyone needs any help when they go to Showcase, ask for Kelly she is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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