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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fill Flash


Monday morning Nichole and I both got up around 4am to get ready to shoot our fill flash. We drove about an hour to our location and I tried to catch the sunrise. My first location I had picked was not in the East but the West so we have to change things. I struggled with my flash and trying to find the right exposure with my subject and background. It was definitely a learning experience. I plan on showing Ms. Finch what I have and see if she thinks I need to re shoot. Hopefully I got something good. Nichole was such a pleasure to work with as usual she is ready to do anything!


Last week Nichole interviewed me about my photography. With what I have been doing, where things are going with this quarter, and some other cool stuff. Check it out here !

Night Photography part 2

My boyfriend's sister is graduating highschool this May and photography is something that she is interested in, so I decided while visiting up there that I would show her something really fun to do: Night Photography. I talked about this in a previous post. Night Photography really is one of the funniest things I have done as a stress reliever. You can really have fun with it. Well she loved it and here is one of the images we did.britlight



Saturday I was in Tennessee visiting family and was going to try to shoot my environmental assignment for Photojournalism. However that fell through but I did have a lot of fun. We ended up going to the Chattanooga National Cemetery. I ended up taking quite a few pictures, the sunset was amazing and the whole place very moving.


Well...the time finally came and Fancy had her puppies. We thought there was only going to be five puppies maybe six however she had SEVEN. I can not even believe it, 5 boys and 2 girls! Here is a picture I took for her the following day. Now I am going to have seven new models!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cat Gwynn

When I first started thinking about internships for this coming year, I found Cat Gwynn based out of California. I really like her style. To me there is almost a Vintage feel to her photographs and something that just makes me happy. She has multiply clients, awards and hung in galleries from coast to coast. If I can I would love to intern with her!

Environmental Assignment

One of up coming assignments for Photojournalism is an Environmental Portrait. For this assignment I have been wanting to go an shoot a Paintball player because my boyfriend has connections that can get me on the field. I am going to go to Insane Paintball. I have been doing some research about what I need to do and be careful. I do not want to come away with a broken lens. There is an article about Paintball Photography I found.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Night Photography

Tonight Nichole and I are going to do some night photography. A couple of quarters ago it was one of our assignments and we had a blast with it. Well now that I have my SB-600 flash we are going to do it again. We are unsure of where we are going be looking forward to having some fun tonight after a busy day of Holiday Portrait set-up!

Feature Picked

Tonight I talked with Ms. Finch and had my feature photo chosen for Photojournalism tomorrow morning. I like the image although Ms. Finch and I talked about how it could have been better. Which was very beneficial because I have been struggling with realizing what is important with Photojournalism, as well as when to stick with an idea.