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Monday, October 12, 2009

Inventive Photographers

So I was researching photographers today and I came across an article called: Technically Speaking: Hugh Kretschmer's New Twist on Kite Flying.
It was all about Hugh Kretschmer's new project. The photograph is what first got my attention. After reading the article I thought that it was really interesting that he had an idea in the beginning but realize that it was not feasible so he changed it. It reminds me of how Mrs. Harkins always wants us to troubleshoot, if something does not work then change it. So I looked up some more of his photography. His images are really different with the way that he sees things, very inventive and gave me a Wonderland kind of feel.

His work reminded me of Sandy Skoglund, who I have liked since highschool. In the sense that he builds his sets from the ground up and then photographs them. I also thinks she plays with the relm of reality.

Both are amazing artist and you should check them out.

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