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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Adventure Day

This morning Jeremy(my boyfriend) and I are going hiking. I am very excited because we found out where this waterfall was a while back( thanks to Nichole) but have not had the time to finally make it out there again. It is sure to be an adventure. Last time we went hiking we ran into a cub in Helen. While in Athens we ran into a cooperhead. I am hoping for NO snakes or bears today! I will post pictures later!

After 6 hours of hiking, I'm back! It was a long exhausting day and at the end of it, we did not really think the waterfall was worth all the hiking! We only ran into one snake on the way back and I walked right over him not even knowing it, of course when Jeremy pointed it out I freaked. Guess I was so tired I stopped looking where I was walking.

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